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Now registering new students for spring! Step into the season with confidence with the Self Defense Guys!

We're taking charge of our own safety, bolstering resilience, and committing to fitness.

Join us today!

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Experience Each Trial Session, Comprising a 15-minute Consultation Followed By 45 Minutes of Practical Instruction Tailored For Groups of Up to 5 People. We'll Come To You,

Equipped With Everything You Need.


Explore Vital Force Arts: A revolutionary system for practical self-defense, delivered to your door. Our mobile training offers personalized programs, convenience, and safety. Discover effective techniques, de-escalation skills, and character development in small group classes for your family, neighbors, and friends.

Play It Safe!

Self-Defense Essentials for You and Your Loved Ones

Looking for an activity that will keep the young people in your life engaged and active?

Training with The Self Defense Guys is the perfect way to start building healthy habits that will last a lifetime! Our mobile sessions and small group structure allow young people train on their own terms. At the Self Defense Guys the instructors come to you and work around your schedule, while our practical self-defense curriculum keeps everyone engaged and excited to work out. Each session can accommodate three to five people, so you can get safe and strong as a family or invite a group of friends to get in on the fun.

Have fun getting safer and stronger with training sessions custom designed for you and your crew.

At The Self Defense Guys we tailor our training plans according to your goals. Optimize every minute of your training time with classes that accommodate your schedule, instructors who come to your location, and workouts adjusted to meet your specific self-defense and fitness objectives. Each session can accommodate three to five people to ensure that everyone gets the encouragement and instruction they need to succeed.

One-on-one personal training sessions are a great way to hone your self-defense skills or reach a specific fitness goal fast. When you add a personal training session onto your small group class your instructor will come early or stay late to bring you an individually optimized experience. Get ready to take your training to the next level with these extra one-to-one lessons.

Today all of my amazing students train Vital Force Arts and I can finally feel proud of everything we teach. I know that what they learn training with The Self Defense Guys is comprehensive and effective self-defense that makes them safer and healthier everyday. Now my mission is to share Vital Force Arts with the whole world!


Training at home isn’t just convenient, it promotes consistency and saves valuable time. There is no excuse for skipping class when the classes come to you! Students who find studios intimidating are especially appreciative of The Self Defense Guys’ mobile lessons. Give it a try and start crushing all of your fitness goals.

Woman with Trainer Working Out Self Defense Strike

A Focus on De-escalation

Many popular martial arts schools instruct their students to respond any potential threat with maximum aggression. It may look good in the movies, but in the real world that kind of confrontational behavior can quickly escalate an already tense situation into something much more dangerous. A central principal of Vital Force Arts is that avoiding a fight is always the best self-defense. That’s why the Vital Force Arts curriculum teaches basic personal safety strategies, verbal responses and minimally hostile physical engagement all designed to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

Self Defense Against Knife Attack

Serious Technique, Serious Training

Even when it becomes necessary to engage someone physically, an obviously confrontational attitude is rarely the best option. Striking out with an overtly combative way might feel good in class, but that kind of telegraphing can make it impossible to surprise or slip past a real attacker. Vital Force Arts teaches techniques for delivering quick, accurate and brutally unexpected impacts. That is practical self-defense designed to keep you safe in the most dire circumstances.

Woman using self defense against a violent male

Train safe, Train smart

Why bother learning the best way to protect yourself, if you are going to hurt yourself in the process? Here at The Self Defense Guys we believe minimizing the risk of injury is an essential element of any high quality training regimen. Vital Force Arts focuses on proper technique, consistent execution, and strong physical conditioning. That is why you will never hear any of our instructors ask you to “push through the pain” or see us teaching flashy, ineffective, or potentially dangerous moves. We are committed to keeping our students safe on the street and in our classes.

How Vital Force Arts was Born

My name is Daniel Palacios and self-defense is my passion. Over the years it has been my privilege to train and teach a variety of martial arts and fighting styles. The self-confidence, discipline, and strength that training has given my students was once my greatest source of pride.

All that had to stop when I realized we were not actually making our students safer or healthier. How could I possibly continue to coach knowing that I was exposing those students to real danger and unnecessary injury? It became clear that if I wanted to keep teaching self-defense I would need to create curriculum that was practical, safe, and fitness focused. A few months later Vital Force Arts was born.

Woman on self defense training with male trainer

Injury Prevention and Physical Fitness

You do not need to be an expert to know that is harder to defend yourself when you are not in good physical condition. Whether it is because of a sprained ankle or lack physical conditioning, if your body is already weak you are more vulnerable to any attacker. Any yet, may martial arts schools have unacceptably high rates of injury and little or no focus on physical fitness! I created Vital Force Arts so people could learn to protect themselves with minimal risk of injury while effectively improving their overall physical fitness.

Group training

Physically Challenging and Mentally Engaging

Vital Force Arts is both! Part sport and part skill, our self-defense techniques will train your body and mind to perform at their best. Our program builds strong physical endurance and lightening quick reaction times, but we put equal emphasis on precise execution of proper technique. It is a powerful combination! By training you body and mind together Vital Force Arts will help you reach your full potential.